The Bass Player Must Die; Long Live The Bass Player

March 9, 2007 § Leave a comment

For the most part, it is the bass player on stage who has the power to either deliver a great sound mix for a group's performance or turn the "suck knob" to eleven for the audience and live sound engineer. Simply put, the overall mix (drums, vocals, guitars, etc.)  has to proportionately match the sound level of the bass. If the bass is "in the pocket" the sound is tight, phat (thats good), dynamic, and exciting for everybody involved. Crank it up too loud and the vocals disappear, the guitar player feels left out and turns his amp up to "pain" and I (along with the audience) have a bad night.

Last night's performance illustrates this point. Roomful of Blues is arguably one of the finest blues/rock/swing bands playing today. They are a great group of musicians and I have enjoyed their many appearances at The Barns. Roomful is a big band with a horn section, sceaming telecaster and B3 organ. Big sound, but good! Why? Because the bass-man was being the solid foundation for a fantastic performance. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
Roomful of Blues Website

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